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June 15th
Astrological sign
Favorite Colour
Light blue
Swimming and sports!
Ideal Boyfriend
Loyal and courageus...
Best Friend
Flora, I can talk to her about anything!
Favorite Movies
I Love
Dancing! Any type of dance!
Favorite Music
Hip-hop and rap
Favourite Magic

Aisha's got some serious waves! As the Fairy of Waves, Aisha is not afraid of diving headfirst into any challenge! She's fearless, athletic and always looking for the next adventure. Her special power? She can control liquids!? Aisha is voiced by actress and singer-songwriter,? Keke Palmer. She has appeared on numerous Nickelodeon productions, such as True Jackson, VP, BrainSurge and Rags, the movie. Keke has also voiced the role of Peaches in the movie, Ice Age: Continental Drift.

Come and discover the art of ballet!Edit

Hello out there! Everyone knows how much I love dancing ... all kinds of dancing! Today we're going to learn a little something about ballet ... step by step!

First position Feet: Touch your heels together, point your toes outward and your feet should form a straight line. Arms: Bring your hands in front of you about level with your navel, and create the shape of a circle with your arms.

Second position Feet: Like the first position, but separate your heels. The gap should be about the length of your foot. Arms: Stretch them outwards just below the shoulders and curve them a little forward.

Third position Feet: Put one foot in front and one behind, point your toes outward and put one heel in front of the other. Arms: Raise one arm and move it in front of your body slightly. Extend your other arm outward as in the second position.

Is that all? No way, our journey has just begun! Next week I'll show you the fourth and fifth position! In the meantime I want to know ... do you prefer classical or modern dance?