Moodboard tecna
December 16th
Astrological sign
Favorite colour
Programming computers, playing chess and solve enigmas!
Ideal boyfriend
Intelligent and tenderly clumsy, as Timmy!
Best friend
Favorite movie
I love
Creating new inventions
Favorite music
Pop and electro
Favorite magic
Laser Ray


Tecna is the Fairy of Technology and her source of power comes from -- you guessed it -- technology! As the science expert of the group, Tecna is the go-to fairy for creative devices that help her and the Winx Club get out of some sticky situations! This mega-confident fairy has no technical issues when it comes to defeating evil!

Netiquette: internet etiquetteEdit

On our new website you can find a fairy forum and all the articles are waiting for comments from you! Sounds magical, doesn't it?


But there's something that we really don't like: rudeness!  Kindness is the most important thing in every dimension: magical, terrestrial and virtual!

For this reason we put internet and etiquette together to make "netiquette".

These are 3 rules to remember:

1. Don't write everything in capital letters: gives me a headache! 2. Don't make fun of other users and don't point out little writing mistakes! 3. No lies...with your friends, even if they're virtual friends, you must always tell the truth!

What do you think about writing in all caps or arguing on the internet? 

Thumbs-up or thumbs-down?