The magic of happiness!Edit

Sometimes you can't help but feel down in the dumps, right fairies?  That's why the Winx always have a magic corner of happiness!

It's a refuge, a quiet place in our bedrooms.   We can take refuge there to listen to music, write a secret diary, think of our boyfriends or write a list of our dreams. :)

Here are 4 steps to create your magical happy place!"

1. Choose the perfect spot (your bed, an out of the way corner of your house, an spot by the window) and pile up some colored pillows.

2. Hang up birthday cards, maybe one from your grandmother,drawings and messages from your friends -- anything that reminds you of the people who love you!

3. Put up your favorite pictures with those you love most. And don't forget to add one of yoruself happy and smiling, of course!

4. Hang up one of your own drawings. You are anartist, don't forget it!

And now close your eyes and imagine your magic happy spot. What do you think? Please tell us, we are very curious!!!