Bedroom Special!

Hey, fairies! Come visit my new room at Alfea and I'll give you some magical advice to make your bedroom even better!

This is my bedroom!

A desk that doubles as a drafting table, so you can draw any time!

Balloons! They keep things up when life threatens to drag you down! Sure, you'll have to buy more every now and then -- unless they're gifts from a certain someone!

Fun-shaped rugs! Heart shaped is my favorite, but stars or flowers work too... you can even change it every season!

Custom wall shelf! With big letters forming your name... fun and practical, for holding books, notebooks and clipboards!

My room is the place I'm most comfortable in, and it matches my personality. In other words, it really is MY room! How about your room?

Musa: Bedroom Special!

Hello fairies and specialists!

If music is your passion and fills your day from beginning to end... you're just like me! Now let me show you my bedroom at Alfea!

You want a real rocker's bedroom? You just need speakers – and posters everywhere!

A light show ready to go! You just need a few coloured light bulbs to change your room into the perfect party scene!

Coat rack: I keep my coats and hats on a rack that's super adjustable - just like the equalizer of a stereo!

This carpet really works! And keeps me on my feet while I make my music!

Now it's your turn to tell us about your bedroom! Is full of music? Do you have any posters from your favorite bands or singers?

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